Jan. 23, 2017

Group will provide investment opportunities for central Arkansas angel investors, education for new investors and funding opportunities for regional startups

CONWAY, ARK. (January 23, 2017): The Conductor, a public-private partnership between the University of Central Arkansas and Startup Junkie Consulting, today announced plans to launch the Conductor Angel Network in Conway beginning Feb. 7. The network will be comprised of interested and potential angel investors, and will focus on providing funding opportunities for startup companies.

An angel investor is an individual who provides capital for a startup company or entrepreneur, often in exchange for convertible debt or an ownership stake. “An angel network serves multiple purposes,” says Kim Lane, COO of the Conductor. “We want to connect startup entrepreneurs with potential investors, but we also want to provide a forum where interested investors can learn more about angel investing, network with other investors and become more comfortable with the angel investing process.”

The Conductor Angel Network will provide networking opportunities and investor education, and will consider actual investment pitches from area entrepreneurs. Additionally, the network will increase the community’s awareness of, and access to, angel investing.

“When we started Cadron Creek Capital in early 2015, we were surprised at the number of people in central Arkansas who had an interest in, but had never actually invested in, early-stage companies,” said Jeff Standridge, founder of Cadron Creek Capital and team leader of the Conductor. “In each meeting, we will be bringing in entrepreneurs to pitch their companies in front of an audience of potential investors, mentors and community members. In the best cases, they will find an investor and receive some high-quality feedback and mentoring on their investment pitch.  At the very least, they will receive feedback on their pitch, which will help them prepare before they pitch to a venture fund like Cadron Creek Capital.”

The Conductor Angel Network receptions will take place on the first Tuesday of even-numbered months at 5 p.m., beginning Feb. 7 at UCA Downtown. The receptions are free and open to the public. Guests may register through the Conductor’s Eventbrite page.

About the Conductor: The Conductor, a public-private partnership with the University of Central Arkansas and Startup Junkie Consulting, drives innovation, entrepreneurship and economic development in central Arkansas through high-impact programming, one-on-one consulting, commercialization support and collaboration.

About Cadron Creek Capital: Cadron Creek Capital is one of the largest member-managed venture funds in Arkansas.  The fund is a return-driven fund, focused on early-stage companies, primarily in Arkansas and across the mid-South.

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