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IdeaFame is a global idea sharing competition.


People, just like you, are the source of brilliant ideas every single day. IdeaFame is a platform to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation by allowing you to express your idea and win real cash prizes. Yes, real cash prizes. IdeaFame was created for innovators, entrepreneurs, dreamers, inventors, students, and creatives to help the world unleash the next big idea. IdeaFame allows communities to share, validate, and fund their ideas with a vision of creating 10 million ideas in 10 years.

You can participate in IdeaFame in two ways. One: submit a pitch through the online idea sharing competition Two: compete in an IdeaFame Live where you pitch your idea to a live audience and judging panel. The cash prize for IdeaFame started at $1,000 and is constantly growing with each new competitor. IdeaFame Live provides a huge $1,000 check to two contestants.

Your pitch can be anything from that amazing idea that came to you during your commute this morning to the startup you’ve been planning to kick-start for three years. All it takes is 60 seconds. No, seriously, your pitch must be 60 seconds or less. It's time for you to pitch your ideas. You know you want to, and IdeaFame is the perfect opportunity.

Our next IdeaFame is happening during Global Entrepreneurship Week on November 13th from 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. Sign up while tickets are still available.


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IdeaFame's founders have held live pitch contests since August of 2011 attracting thousands of contestants eager to pitch their ideas to an audience of angel investors, business leaders, and other entrepreneurs.  At these events, they have given away nearly $100,000 and many contestants have gone on to build successful ventures. Don't miss your chance to be a part of the IdeaFame movement.