The Conductor is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs Start and scale successful businesses, and connecting innovators and makers with the resources they need to turn their dreams into realities.

We offer workshops and events where entrepreneurs can build their networks, showcase their ideas, and get connected to the resources they need. Additionally, we offer free one-on-one consulting for entrepreneurs at any stage, from any industry; and, we run the UCA Makerspace, where you can prototype your idea, create your own household products and become a “Certified Maker.”

The Conductor is a public-private partnership between the University of Central Arkansas and Startup Junkie. Start your entrepreneurial journey with the Conductor today.


“The Conductor has changed my life forever! They have helped me grow in both business and in my personal life. They provided me with support, taught me new skills, provided me with resources to advance, so that now I can soar.”

-Jessica Jones, Zipper Genie

“The Conductor’s 10X Growth Accelerator is the best program in the state for business leaders to go through, no matter your size of business, if you are truly interested in growing your business!

-Keith Jetton, Razor City IT



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Start building your entrepreneurial network today! The Conductor offers free events where you can meet successful entrepreneurs, learn how to start your business and more. 


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10x Growth accelerator

Are you running a business in Arkansas that has revenues between $100,000-$10M? Do you want to take it to the next level? Apply to join our 10X Growth Accelerator program, a 20-week program presented in partnership with the Arkansas Economic Development Commission and Metova.


Free one-on-one consulting



Makerspace Events

You are a maker! We believe that everyone has the power to innovate and create new things, and we offer Maker Training sessions, training events and more where you can turn your creative dreams into realities.