Meet the Entrepreneur: Jessica Jones, Founder of Zipper Genie

This profile is part of #ConductorSpotlight, an ongoing series showcasing the entrepreneurs, makers and innovators who are doing incredible work to break barriers and drive an innovative economy. The Conductor has been privileged to be a part of their journeys.


#ConductorSpotlight: Jessica Jones

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Feb. 2019

Jessica Jones, the creator of Zipper Genie, has made it her mission to provide Fashion Equality. She believes no one should be limited to what they wear based on their ability; instead, it should be based on their preference. Zipper Genie is a solution that makes “zipping a dress effortless.” The product is constructed with three basic parts: a hook, chain and clamp.

Jones became connected with Conductor after signing up for one of our free one-on-one consulting sessions. She said because of Conductor, “ I am more confident and more willing to take big leaps in my business.” Jones is not only a business owner but also a registered nurse. From nursing school, she “knew it was not only important to study business but to also have a hands-on approach to utilizing the knowledge.”

How has the Conductor impacted your journey?

“[Because of the Conductor], I am more Confident! As a registered nurse starting a business, I was unsure of a lot of the necessities in the day-to-day operation of running a business. I took the time to read business related books, took seminars, and read business blogs. As a nursing student, we had two forms of learning: one was practical, which was the hands-on skills and training we received, and the other was our textbook curriculum where we read, studied, and had exams. As a business owner and nurse, I knew it was not only important to study business but to also have a hands-on approach to utilizing the knowledge. As a single person operation, I did not have a board or a partner to bounce ideas or strategize with, so I was unsure all the time because I had no true hands-on business experience. Once I partnered with Conductor, it was like gaining a board of directors. I bring them all my ideas and strategies, then we discuss what may or may not work. I value their opinions and appreciate the opportunity to receive insight from successful business professionals. Kim and Jeff are a major part of my checks and balance system and knowing I have them in my corner I am more confident and more willing to take big leaps in my business.”

What is your favorite part about Conductor?

“My favorite part about Conductor is EVERYTHING! Conductor has changed my life forever! They have helped me grow in both business and in my personal life. With their help, I have faced fears and overcame numerous obstacles. They truly support me and believe in me! They provided me with opportunities to present Zipper Genie to consumers, investors, and advisors. Every opportunity they gave me required me to utilize the skills and resources they provided. Every opportunity helped me grow, overcome fears and mature in business. I came to them like a baby bird afraid to leave the nest. They provided me with support, taught me new skills and provided me with resources to advance so that now I can soar.”

Other thoughts/comments?

“I am grateful for everything Conductor has done for me and my business! Zipper Genie would not be where it is today without the help of Conductor.”

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