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Conductor Mentor Network Meeting

What is the Conductor Mentor Network?

The Conductor Mentor Network (CMN) is an all-volunteer group of business and community leaders who are willing to volunteer time to meet with and mentor aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners. The Network provides subject matter expertise in business and technology to the community from seasoned professionals to startup founders and small business owners. 

How does the Conductor Mentor Network function?

The CMN meets on a monthly basis for networking and group mentoring of entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners. This group mentoring may take multiple different formats. In addition, guidelines and training are provided to both mentors and mentees, along with a framework to measure founder progress against milestones. 

How frequently will the Conductor Mentor Network meet?

The CMN will meet monthly. In odd- numbered months, the CMN will meet specifically to provide group mentoring to aspiring entrepreneurs and existing small business owners. In even-numbered months (beginning in February), the CMN will meet in conjunction with the Conductor Angel Network with companies who are specifically seeking investment. This will be a critical part of the development and education of the Conductor Mentor Network. 

One-on-one Mentoring: 

It is anticipated that some members of the CMN may have an “affinity” for a particular entrepreneur or company and want to engage more deeply in a one-on-one mentoring relationship. When this occurs, the Conductor only asks that this involvement be duly registered with the Conductor and that proper, “arms-length” involvement be maintained (i.e. no charge for services during the one-on-one engagement). 

Value for Mentors: 

In addition to providing group and personal mentoring to entrepreneurs and small business owners, the Conductor Mentor Network seeks to provide value back to the Mentors in the form of strong personal relationships, learning and development around the topics of entrepreneurship, venture development, venture investing, and other topics of interest to Members. It is expected that a fourth to a third of CMN will be focused on such topics. 

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