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We are now accepting applications for the 2019 Health Sciences Entrepreneurship Boot Camp!

The Conductor, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) and BioVentures are hosting the Health Sciences Entrepreneurship Boot Camp, a camp for undergraduate students around the state. The camp creates entrepreneurial and interactive learning opportunities for students, and guides them through entrepreneurial processes of starting and funding a health sciences venture with their peers.

The Health Sciences Entrepreneurship Boot Camp will guide students through an immersive, five-day training program in which they learn how to start and fund an entrepreneurial venture, meet with influential faculty, entrepreneurs and mentors and become exposed to entity filing, patents and legal issues in entrepreneurship. Students will form teams, create and refine new venture ideas and talk to potential customers.

The camp is all-expenses-paid for accepted students, and is funded through UAMS, BioVentures and the Conductor. Eligible students must have completed their sophomore year of college. Space permitting, there will spots available for immediate graduates and graduate students. The week-long camp will conclude with a Demo Day, during which the public is invited to watch the teams present their new venture ideas.


Recap: The 2018 Health Sciences Entrepreneurship Boot Camp


Year One

In 2017, the camp’s inaugural cohort had representation from 10 colleges and universities, empowering students from around the state with the knowledge and tools they need to think critically, learn entrepreneurial principles and launch innovative ventures. Additionally, the camp offers leadership, team-building and other recreational experiences in Conway.

To learn more about the Health Sciences Entrepreneurship Boot Camp, click on the buttons below to watch videos from 2017.


Push Your Limits

“We’re thrilled to partner with the Conductor to offer this camp for the second year. This camp is integral in creating a statewide, biomedical research infrastructure in Arkansas, and expands the state’s health sciences entrepreneurial network.” - Nancy Gray, President of BioVentures

“One of the outstanding outcomes of this camp is the opportunity it gives students to push their limits in a deep, meaningful way. Not only are they building their social networks with other college students, they are creating a framework that reaches all corners of the state, and taking their entrepreneurial knowledge and skills back to their hometowns -- from north Arkansas to the Delta.” - Kim Lane, Chief Operating Officer of the Conductor


Create Opportunities

“This camp is emblematic of the Conductor’s mission to foster and nourish entrepreneurial talent within our state. This camp creates opportunities to show students that there are viable career paths to entrepreneurship, and to introduce them to the vast experts and resources in the state’s health sciences.” - Jeff Standridge, Chief Catalyst for the Conductor