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Certified Maker Ambassadors                  

Description: Maker Ambassadors serve as representatives for the Makerspace on campus. The ambassadors help run the space, teach the Maker Trainings, give tours and assist with projects. The Maker Ambassadors work a minimum of 5 hours a week, and a maximum of 10 hours a week in the Makerspace. Ambassadors serve on a semester-by-semester basis.


  • Work a minimum of 5 hours a week, and a maximum of 10 hours a week.

  • Unpaid, but if students may independently seek class credit for the ambassadorship.

  • Begins at beginning of academic semester, ends at the close of the semester. (Semesters include Fall, Spring and Summer.)

  • This is not a rolling application. Applications will be due before the start of the semester.

  • Maximum of 4 ambassadors per semester.

  • Ambassadors will be trained on all equipment in Makerspace.

  • Available to all academic disciplines and fields of study.

  • Must be a UCA student.


  • Lead Maker Trainings.

  • Assist with field trips, group tours, etc.

  • Assist with projects.

  • Help with events in the Makerspace.


  • Ambassador bio and headshot will be on website. Bio will highlight the area of study.

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