Conductor Mentor

Description: The Conductor Mentor Network is a network of the region's top influencers and experts who are passionate about building Central Arkansas’ entrepreneurial ecosystem. The Mentor Network meets on a monthly basis with regional entrepreneurs through Mentor Network and Pitch Night events. Mentors in the network receive professional development training on a quarterly basis.


  • Professionals with a considerable amount of experience in a specific subject matter (financing, accounting, marketing, etc.).

  • Not open to students.

  • Must complete onboarding form:.

  • Can be onboarded on a rolling basis.

  • All Conductor Mentors will receive professional development/leadership training on a quarterly basis.


  • Host bi-annually lectures for the campus and community related to your area of expertise (i.e. Sales for Startups, How to Perfect Your Pitch, Advertising for Startups, etc.).

  • Commit to being available for at least one monthly meeting with an entrepreneur seeking guidance in your area of expertise.

  • Attend at least 75% of the Mentor Network and Pitch Night events (a minimum of 9 events a year).

  • Attend Conductor events and serve as an advocate of Central Arkansas’ entrepreneurial ecosystem in the community.

  • Serve on Pitch Night Panel of Experts (2-3 times a year).


  • Mentors’ bios and headshots will be on website. Bios will highlight the area of study.

  • Calendly link will show Mentors’ office hours. (Mentors must commit to being available for at least one monthly meeting with an entrepreneur.)


  • On the first Thursday of even-numbered months (February, April, etc.), the Conductor hosts Pitch Night, where three investment-seeking entrepreneurs pitch to a Panel of Experts. The event is open to the public.

  • On the first Thursday of odd-numbered months (March, May, etc.), the Conductor hosts Mentor Network Meetings, where three to four entrepreneurs seeking a specific challenge or opportunity present to the Conductor Mentor Network. These meetings are only available to mentors in the Conductor Mentor Network to encourage open dialogue and candid feedback between the entrepreneur and mentors.

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