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Conductor/Makerspace Internship

Description: The Conductor Internship is a competitive, semester-long program during which students will learn about the entrepreneurial ecosystem and Maker Movement, and provide assistance with programs and events, marketing, the Conductor Mentor and Angel Networks and day-to-day activities. The Internship culminates with an individual project that utilizes the resources available through the Conductor and Makerspace, and improves the campus or community.


  • Work a maximum of 20 hours a week.

  • Paid position.

  • Begins at beginning of academic semester, ends at the close of the semester. (Semesters include Fall, Spring and Summer.)

  • This is not a rolling application. Applications will be due before the start of each semester.

  • Interns will be trained comprehensively on the Conductor and Makerspace programming, logistics, equipment, etc.

  • Must be a UCA student.


  • Assist with PR, marketing, etc.

  • Lead Maker Trainings.

  • Assist with field trips, group tours, Makerspace events, etc.

  • Assist with projects in the Makerspace.

  • Available to be staffed in the Makerspace.

  • Assist with planning and logistics for Conductor events.

  • Assist with booths at community events, etc.

  • Must complete an individual project that improves either UCA, the Conductor or the community. Example: designing a lego wall for kids in the Makerspace.


  • Interns’ bios and headshots will be on website. Bios will highlight the area of study.

Please email  with your resume to apply.