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The mission of 10X Growth Accelerator is to deliver targeted intensive assistance to established high-potential tech and tech-enabled ventures that are primed for growth beyond the startup or early stages. The 10X Growth Accelerator provides much needed targeted support to these growth-oriented ventures with a specific focus of supporting the architecture assessment, and/or recommendations for scalable software and world-class cybersecurity technology.


The 10X Growth Accelerator is based in Conway, Arkansas. It is a 20-week program that meets weekly on Tuesdays from 3-6 p.m. It is presented in partnership with Metova, the Conductor, the Arkansas Economic Development Commission and Startup Junkie.


Eligible companies are growth-oriented firms with annual average revenues from $100,000 to $10,000,000. Selected companies must commit to having at least one member and up to two members of the senior executive team available, engaged, and in attendance at program meetings.  During the 20-week program, required meetings will be once each week for up to three hours.


  • June 1: 10X Growth Accelerator Applications open

  • Tuesday, July 31: 10X Growth Accelerator Kick-Off Event

  • Tuesday evenings from 3-6 p.m. (beginning July 31): Accelerator meetings

  • December 18: Graduation & Presentation Day


  • Kickoff: Launch of 10X Growth Accelerator

  • Week 2: Lean Methodologies for Evaluating Product/Service Mix & Speaker Series: CEO Point of View – How to Scale Your Business

  • Week 3: Customer Development/Validation

  • Week 4: Venture Technology & Cybersecurity

  • Week 5: Speaker Series: Repeatable Processes and Operations

  • Week 6: Sales Growth and Building a Sales Team

  • Week 7: Digital Marketing: Learn from the Pros  

  • Week 8: Financial Management (Cash Flow, Forecasting, etc.)  

  • Week 9: First Draft - 10x Growth Plans and Presentations

  • Week 10: Speaker Series: Doing Business with Fortune 500’s

  • Week 11: Leadership, Culture, Talent Recruitment, Development and Retention

  • Week 12: Speaker Series: Identifying and Managing Risks

  • Week 13: Speaker Series: Forming a Board of Advisers and Mentors

  • Week 14: Raising Growth Capital: Debt, Equity, Non-dilutive

  • Week 15: Speaker Series: Presenting to Investors, Bankers, & Customers - Elevator Pitches

  • Week 16: Speaker Series: Support Team – Lawyer, Banker and Accountant

  • Week 17: Capital Match: Finding the Right Financial Partner

  • Week 18: Wild Card Follow-Up Session #1

  • Week 19: Wild Card Follow-Up Session #2

  • Week 20: Graduation, Elevator Pitches & Celebration


Glenn Crockett, Director of the 10X Growth Accelerator: Glenn@ARConductor.org



Read the press release about the 10X Growth Accelerator here.